Old Ocean Credit Union

Old Ocean Federal Credit Union believes in providing services that benefit our members by saving them time, money or just helping to simplify their lives.


Old Ocean Federal is pleased to offer current, one-month account balancing free of charge on a one-time basis to our members. Additional account balancing will be charged at $25/ hour, which will be waived if the account balancing was required due to a data processing error.

If you need more information about this service, please contact a Member Relations Representative.


Old Ocean Federal members can transfer money between OOFCU accounts very easily using three methods.

  1. Contacting a credit union representative
  2. Using the CU Talk Telephone Access System
  3. Using the It's Me 247 Home Banking System


All accounts in Old Ocean Federal Credit Union are protected by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). NCUA is an independent agency of the United States that guarantees funds up to $250,000. But rest assured, not one dollar of NCUA-protected money has ever been lost by a depositor.

For more information, please contact a Member Relations Representative or visit NCUA's informative Share Insurance Website.


We're here to help you and anytime you have a question or concern about a loan, your credit rating, or would just like to talk with an expert and get some guidance, call our Loan Department and ask to speak to a member of our loan support team.


Money Orders provide a secure method of payment. Members can receive money orders for $.50 each and they are free for Silver Star Checking account holders.


Old Ocean Federal has notaries on staff to assist you during regular business hours. 

If you have any questions, please contact a Members Relations Representative.


Emergencies happen. That’s why it is important to have a safety net. With Overdraft Protection from Old Ocean Federal, you can make sure funds are available for you to withdraw from an ATM – even when your account lacks sufficient funds.

Overdraft Protection is a simple and convenient way to help ensure you have emergency funds available in the unlikely event your account balance runs low. Consider it a safety cushion or last line of defense when other sources of funds have been exhausted.

Plus, there are no fees to sign up and no fees if you never use this service. Signing up for Overdraft Protection is simple. Contact one of our Member Relations Representatives at (979) 316-4833 for details.


If you have lost your statement, don't worry. Log on to It's Me 247 Home Banking and print a new one or come by Old Ocean Federal's office and we will print another one for you for a nominal $3.00 fee.